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Special Award_2017 for our project 'LINEAR SCAPES' SALA/UPAS_7th Exhibition

We have decided to grant your project “LINEAR SCAPES” with the SPECIAL AWARD, as our little tribute for your great work…

Jury report:

“By preserving the traces of landscape destruction, which is actually the paths of excavators that were utilized during the mining process, the authors skillfully fit the linear structure of train rails for the ore removal, coal seams, traces of the path for disposal of goaf. This approach indicates the dynamics of human activity in landscape demolition and degradation and then, the landscape treatment through the biological recultivation, almost as a kind of regret. Memory on the traces of the intensive mining activity, the revitalization of the space using vegetation and again, the new dynamic through content of facilities and land use, but now for a much more humane purpose (for sport, recreation and tourism), show that there is a space for plants and for humans in one common area. The geometric shapes of parallel lines and the black coal stripes remain to warn how easily it comes to destruction, but in the same time, the cooperation of humans with nature and the multifunctional use of space, give hope for a better future of residents, guests and casual passers. This landscape simply challenges to be visited, understood and to think about everything…”

The award ceremony took place on the 4th of June at the Gallery of Science and Technology of the Serbian Academy of Science and Art, in Belgrade. The Exhibition will be open until the 30th of June 2017


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